Research and Development

Conquer the market with the next-generation technologies

nZEB Smart Home and its coordinator, Information Techologies Insitute, have a variety of dedicated labs and premises where academic researchers and industry partners can put new technologies and concepts to the test and develop new innovative solutions.

The various forms of collaboration, may range from long-term strategic programs, to short projects lasting a few months, to proof of concept trial periods for prototypes in a true-to-life environment and check the interoperability with other systems on the market.

Benefit from the dynamic surrounding ecosystem: national and international partners – from universities to companies, coming from various industries across the value chain.

Software Solutions Development

Advanced tailor made applications. You think it, we develop it.

Through CERTH/ITI, our DIH is one of the leading software development entities in Greence. The experienced researchers and developers of nZEB Smart Home are specialized in creating advanced tailored software solutions, which are specially designed to provide the customer with the most suitable answer to their specific requirements and business needs. Custom made, cross-platform, and cutting edge software solutions can be provided through close collaboration.

The core software design and development services provide full-stack development from heavy computation back-ends to agile user interfaced, with some indicative examples, decision support engines, multi-agent systems, AI-driven analytics, congitive maintenance systems, secure environments and transactions over blockchain technologies, VR/AR interventions, and many more.

The process involves the following stages:

New Software
Energy Management

The case of
Energy Management Solution