Research and Development

Conquer the market with the next-generation technologies

nZEB Smart Home and its coordinator, Information Techologies Insitute, have a variety of dedicated labs and premises where academic researchers and industry partners can put new technologies and concepts to the test and develop new innovative solutions.

The various forms of collaboration, may range from long-term strategic programs, to short projects lasting a few months, to proof of concept trial periods for prototypes in a true-to-life environment and check the interoperability with other systems on the market.

Benefit from the dynamic surrounding ecosystem: national and international partners – from universities to companies, coming from various industries across the value chain.

Research Development & Innovation

Fast Hardware Prototyping

Software Solutions Development

Access to infrastructure for Testing,Evaluation & Validation

Access to infrastructure for Testing, Evaluation & Validation

nZEB Smart Home: A testbed infrastructure

At first glance, the nZEB Smart Home looks like an ordinary house – and that is precisely the intention. It is a two-story infrastructure (~320m²) that emulates completely a domestic environment in which researchers and users can have access to test and co-create.

With a closer look it is a unique Energy Building based on state-of-the-art building materials with "smart" technologies that allow the exploration of various ICT research domains, such as Robotics and Assisted (Tele-) Heath services, or optimized Energy efficient building management while simultaneously automating Renewable Energy Sources use. It is equipped with a multi-sensorial network that measures in real-time almost all parameters that consist open challenges for a modern home / workplace. Robotics are also part of the technologies being used, and in combination with various smart devices and innovative solutions (e.g. grey water recycling, energy measurement, etc.) equip the building with the most innovative and research-promising technologies.

In the same building also exists a lab of an immersive space where virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies can be used to simulate all sorts of environments and situations.

Testing and validating products in real-life environments.

Testing and validating new technologies and services in real-life conditions, is the key to a strong and prosperous market introduction.

This is exactly the idea behind the concept of “nZEB Smart Home”. With more than 10 application fields, from home Automation and (Health) Care to Entertainment, Energy and Security, it can offer immense flexibility to install smart products or services and test their interoperability with other systems.

Ιnvolving manufacturers and other stakeholders as early as possible, makes it easy to get immediate feedback on new ideas and gather data on how final users might interacting with the product or service. As a result, the demo can be adapted and evolved instantly, without wasting time.