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Conquer the market with the next-generation technologies

nZEB Smart Home and its coordinator, Information Techologies Insitute, have a variety of dedicated labs and premises where academic researchers and industry partners can put new technologies and concepts to the test and develop new innovative solutions.

The various forms of collaboration, may range from long-term strategic programs, to short projects lasting a few months, to proof of concept trial periods for prototypes in a true-to-life environment and check the interoperability with other systems on the market.

Benefit from the dynamic surrounding ecosystem: national and international partners – from universities to companies, coming from various industries across the value chain.

Research Development & Innovation

Fast Hardware Prototyping

Support to Research Development & Innovation

Lead R&I in the balkans

Our researchers have the expertise to guide you with the development of technological solutions applicable to products and services, throughout the entire cycle of the research and innovation process.

In the first place, the nZEB Smart Home functions as a testbed infrastructure where numerous EU and National research projects create ideal conditions for collaborative R&D projects. Those collaborations are driven by the knowledge that the sharing of information and technology, enhances the generation of innovation. Companies, together with the researchers try to transform innovative concepts into concrete products and services.

The nZEB Smart Home has a number of R&D units, which have the ability to provide targeted support in SMEs and Start-ups, in order to apply the latest technological trends and innovations into products or advance the existing ones. Additionally, it leverages the ICT infrastructure, as well as the knowledge resources available through the R&D procedures, to explore areas where there is identified potential value added. That process involves evaluating the viability of concrete business proposals in conjunction with the latest technologies.

Smart Locker

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Smart Locker System