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Privacy Policy of CERTH Intelligent Personal Agent

Overview –key information you should be aware of

(A) CIPA-General information

CIPA Generation–A is an intelligent Personal Agent designed and developed on the basis of two machine Learning models for natural language understanding and dialogue flow classification. CIPA supports multiple task domains. An example of a task domain is the SmartHome domain that provides actions for the interface of the CERTH SmartHome. CIPA Gen–A is provided with two models: (a) a single intent and (b) a multiple intent capable of classifying complex sentences consisting of two user intents into two automatic operations from the part of the agent.

(B) CIPA Generation–A interactions

You can control the Intelligent Personal Agent with your voice. There are various ways you can phrase a command for the agent. The Agent can converse with you if it recognizes intent with information missing. For example, if you command the Agent to “turn the lights”, the Agent will reply with either “where?” or “in which room?”. If you reply with a valid room (i.e., “In the kitchen”), the Agent will reply “Do you want them on or off?”. If you reply with either “on” or “off”, the Agent will execute the turn-lights action.

CIPA is a non- human agent. The goal of the agent is to assist the user in performing everyday indoor tasks, however at this phase of its development, CIPA is not a self-learning or autonomous AI system.

(C) Our principles and what this policy is for

For the proper functioning of the CIPA Gen–A, it is necessary to gather information and process this information in the frame of the SmartHome. This information will support the improvement of the Intelligent Personal Agent and the optimal adaptation of the content to users’ needs.

This policy explains in a plain and comprehensive language the methods in which we collect, process and store the information in consistency with users’ rights preservation.

(D) What this Policy includes

The current Privacy Policy describes the following topics in respect to:

  1. Information collected and processed

    Currently there are no accounts for the users. The only information that is collected is the IP of the user but this information is transmitted in every TCP/IP connection. Currently in this Version 1.0 of the agent and also in future versions agent will be used according to predefined use cases and in terms of necessity and proportionality.

  2. Security

    Safety and confidentiality of your interaction with the personal Agent is important for us. To preserve your rights we implement technical, administrative and physical security measures e.g. the back-end of the agent accepts only local connections and is running behind a firewall. You can have access to the platform through a user name and a password, which are both hashed under a code. In the log out and log in option a different code is created to allow the connection with the Agent.

  3. Changes to CIPA Generation–A

    We may change, advance CIPA Generation –A at any time. In this case we will amend the present Privacy Policy by posting the updated information in this website.

  4. Your rights

    According to the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 / EU, you have the right to be informed of any processing of your data, the purpose of the processing and any data disclosure to third parties (right to information and access). You also have the right to request correction, updating or even deletion of your personal data as well as the right to restrict processing and the right to object.

  5. Service from Third Party

    The CIPA Gen–A operates mainly voice commands that are conversed via textual data and the whole procedure is based on the technique of anonymization. The voice commands’ converse to textual format is supported by W3C Speech API.

    The Privacy Policy of this service can be found in the following link:

  6. Third Party website

    Our Agent includes links to other websites and we encourage you to read carefully this link.

  7. CERTH Smart Home

  8. Complaints, questions, suggestions

    If you have any question or wish to contact us for further clarifications or suggestions, please send us an email to:,

Changes to our privacy policy

We will update our privacy policy from time to time. Any changes we make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on our Site and, where appropriate, notified to you by post or email. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.