Research and Development

Conquer the market with the next-generation technologies

nZEB Smart Home and its coordinator, Information Techologies Insitute, have a variety of dedicated labs and premises where academic researchers and industry partners can put new technologies and concepts to the test and develop new innovative solutions.

The various forms of collaboration, may range from long-term strategic programs, to short projects lasting a few months, to proof of concept trial periods for prototypes in a true-to-life environment and check the interoperability with other systems on the market.

Benefit from the dynamic surrounding ecosystem: national and international partners – from universities to companies, coming from various industries across the value chain.

Research Development & Innovation

Fast Hardware Prototyping

Fast Hardware Prototyping

We materialze your ideas with close to market prototypes

The nZEB Smart Home focuses on the interpretation of companies’ needs and offers the implementation / development of hardware prototypes on the ICT sectors. Different prototypes will be required depending upon the end goal.

A prototype can be produced after all technological choices have been allocated. The process is carried out by a multidisciplinary team which focuses on the design of every product angle. A wide variety of prototyping tools and methodologies are used, depending on the specific needs of the innovation project. The company, as well as possible end-users may assist in co-creating the innovation, combining insights with input from our experienced researchers.

Speed up Prototyping with 3D Printing

A variety of 3D Printers and Scanners are also included in the DIH’s arsenal and are employed towards completing the prototyping process. In all stages of the product development process, 3D printing is an easy and affordable way to produce prototypes rapidly in order to evaluate form, fit and function. With the ability to quickly produce multiple iterations, design and engineering experts can test and implement changes quickly, allowing the product to reach the market faster. The DIH is equipped with polymer printers with SLA, FDA and JET technologies, metal SLS printers, and many more that can provide a wide range of services to your company’s needs.

Smart Dimmer
Smart Dimmer: A 3D printing prototype

The Smart Dimmer is a Wi-Fi-enabled device capable of sensing the luminance of a room, full-range dimming for incandescent and dimmable LED / CFL lamps based on user preferred profile luminance level and display various information (luminance, profile, time, etc.) on the LCD display. The integrated Wi-Fi connectivity enables for remote operation of the device through a local webserver.