Innovation Management

Accelerate your growth.

The business world changes deamatically and instantly. Every new, start-up or existing company may face challenges along the path and towards establishing a robust business. That is why the researchers and experts of nZEB Smart Home offer in-depth coaching and support for entrepreneurs.

Get creative about ways to incorporate outside thinking into your production or business work flow, with the offered courses on emerging domains, find the necessairy financial resources to support your operations, or get informed and participate in the stages constituting the project development proccess.

Project Development

Turn promising ideas into feasible project concepts.

Transforming ideas into competitive R&D proposals and projects is one of the core efficiencies of the nZEB Smart House DIH. Managing projects or even writing proposals for EU Projects can be complicated and demanding. It requires a lot of time, a critical look and an adequate level of expertise on the subject proposed. But most importantly, it demands a good management plan for the entire project.

  • Project Initiation: This is the starting point of every project, and the goal of this phase is to define the project at a broad level. This phase usually begins with a business case, during which it is examined whether the project is feasible and if it should be undertaken. If feasibility study needs to be done, this is the stage of the project in which that procedure will be completed.
  • Project Planning: This phase is key to a successful project management and focuses on developing a roadmap that every involved party will follow. During this phase, the scope of the project is defined and a project management plan is developed. It involves identifying the cost, quality, available resources, and a realistic timetable.
  • Project Execution: Deliverables are developed and completed. Based on the extended experience of its members, the DIH can act as the R&D team of an SME, or join and assist R&D departments of companies to conduct joint R&D.
Creation of consortia

Encouraging cooperation and collaboration among organisations for exploiting common opportunities, eg: business, research, funding, match-making, open innovation etc.

  • Get access to our network of European partners: Thanks to our strong European network, we aim at promoting collaboration in research, innovation and business domains at a European level.

The nZEB Smart Home actively particpates in EU initiatives such as AI DIH Netwok, DIHELP, DIHNET, etc, as well as research programs, which aim to enhance the collaboration between the different stakeholders from the European DIH Community with a wide range of services, information and tools that will help every interested party to communicate, align and synchronize its activities.

Development of proposals

We may not write the proposal for you, but given the idea and the partnership dynamic we can work together towards bringing forth a new idea/concept. Provision of technical assistance to third parties, in the proposal development process in order to comply with the specific requirement, as well as development of R&D proposals, apply for National and EU funding, and lead and coordinate R&D projects regardless of the size of the projects.