Innovation Management

Accelerate your growth.

The business world changes deamatically and instantly. Every new, start-up or existing company may face challenges along the path and towards establishing a robust business. That is why the researchers and experts of nZEB Smart Home offer in-depth coaching and support for entrepreneurs.

Get creative about ways to incorporate outside thinking into your production or business work flow, with the offered courses on emerging domains, find the necessairy financial resources to support your operations, or get informed and participate in the stages constituting the project development proccess.

Skills and Education

Extend your horizons!

Tailor-made learning is the most promising international trend. The nZEB Smart Home can offer different training programs to increase the digital skills of companies. Training ranges from customised seminars dedicated to scientific and management staff, for acquiring new skills focused on industry digitalization, or to emerging domains, related to Smart Home’s operation, such as Smart Energy, Health, Robotics, AI, Big Data, Blockchain etc.

The seminars, also, involve disseminating information on the opportunities and benefits of digital products and services related to smart production topics, awareness on success stories, use cases and best practices.

Stay tuned! Soon new seminars and learning sessions will be announced.