Create new opportunities and grow your network

An economic community is always supported by a foundation of interacting organizations and individuals. The business ecosystem consists of a network of interlinked companies that dynamically interact with each other through competition and cooperation with ultimate aim to grow. Accordingly, the nZEB Smart Home DIH ecosystem includes companies of different sectors, suppliers, distributors, governmental partners, universities, as well as other research institutes.

The DIH through its offered services (e.g. events, knowledge dissemination, brokerage, trend watching etc) intend to develop and streamline the flow of ideas, talent, and capital throughout the entire ecosystem.


A map to successfully drive innovation into your business

Technology scouting is an element offered by the DIH, in which emerging technologies are identified, technology related information is channeled into any interested company, and the acquisition of new technologies is widely supported. It is a starting point of an interactive matching process between external technologies and internal requirements of an organization for strategic purposes. All the technologies deployed or researched within the DIH are often demonstrated at companies or any other interested party, towards promoting innovative new technologies for their portfolios.

More specifically we:

  • Identify and validate solutions for technology-related problems
  • Assess technological solutions by distinguishing the task into sub-problems and identifying possible technological solutions for those, evaluating them through scientific research, and prioritizing the evaluated solutions based on our experience
  • Gather detailed technological information by reviewing scientific literature and databases, validating our findings during in-depth interviews with key-opinion leaders and experts.