MAIC Integration

The Need

Deploy and test MAIC (MLS Artificial Intelligence Center) in real smart domestic environment and enrich its features with added-value services for Smart Homes.

Services Provided

MLS deployed MAIC to the Smart Home premises towards evaluating and validating its integration and operation in a smart building. By seamless integration with the existing BMS, MAIC has access to only the currently available smart home technologies (lighting, HVAC, plugs, etc.) but also to smart appliances (e.g. Home Connect), microgrid assets (i.e. PVs, Batteries, etc.), electric vehicles, medical devices (e.g. blood pressure, oximeter, etc.) as well as numerous other assets.

The integration started in the summer of 2019 and is currently under rigorous development, evaluation and validation of the envisioned final outcomes. Through the Smart Home infrastructure MAIC will learn and evolve into a future-proof smart home intelligent assistant.