Kleemann Elevator

Smart Elevation to New Heights

The Need

The integration of a cutting edge elevation control systems with innovative solutions that will allow unobtrusive integration with smart buildings and their management systems, including also robotic equipment.

Furthermore, application of intelligent solutions in terms of both hardware and software for provision of innovative services such as predictive maintenance, optimal routing, and energy harvest.

Services Provided

Kleemann has installed a high-end elevator at the Smart House premises where integration with the Building Management System (BMS) has started, including also the robot RAMCIP. The robot is able to interact with the elevator without any assistance in order to be able to navigate between floors.

Furthermore, human behaviour analysis equipment has been installed to analyse everyday use and then present ai-driven solutions that will provide suggestions for both optimal routing and preventive maintenance.

An ongoing collaboration with the pilot evaluation and validation of the various solutions that has started in 2019 and aims to deliver the next generation of smart elevators.