Smart Everything

Energy Management Solution

The Need

With implicit and explicit DSM Strategies flooding the energy market, there is a need for smart infrastructures that can provide that level of monitoring and control, towards optimally exploiting the innovative energy efficiency in buildings (Smart Everything Solution).

Services Provided

Real-time energy monitoring (production, consumption), advanced control capabilities, automated decision support system, grid-connected and islanded mode capabilities. By digitizing information regarding all energy-related aspect it becomes easier to reveal available energy flexibility as well as to fully exploit DSM services, such as DR signals taking into account building occupancy in real-time.

The final solution

Smarteverything is a complete end to end platform as a service solution for the IoT world. The smarteverything ecosystem provides turnkey IoT solutions that include hardware, software and networking frameworks for a variety of verticals including energy, lighting, agriculture, parking, health, environmental and water management.

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