BOSCH Smart Home Appliances

The Need

Complete monitoring and control access of home appliances for training and applying sophisticated algorithms for the creation of various consumption models for the development of accurate disaggregation models, the development, deployment and evaluation of computer vision algorithms for image analysis and content identification, the automated interaction with robotic devices for home support scenarios, the identification and utilization of energy flexibility for Demand Response use cases, and many more appliance driven business scenarios.

Services Provided

Î’osch Home Appliances Greece equipped the Smart Home premises with the newest, most technologically equipped and smartest home appliances towards evaluating and validating its contribution and Key functional operation in a smart building. By seamless integration with the existing BMS through the Home Connect API, CERTH/ITI is able to explore the feasibility of multiple R&D projects that require detailed information at device level.

The deployment and integration of Home Connect technology in the Smart Home has started in 2017, and has recently been sponsored by BOSCH Home Appliances with the actual equipment of the house with Bosch most advanced Home Connect appliances. In fact, with the whole range of appliances that answer and serve all household needs, and which the brand has to offer to the ever demanding Greek consumer today and in the foreseen future. Always remaining competitive and in the edge of technological innovation, the goal is to foresee and set the rules of the very promising and ever changing future ahead. The new devices have been integrated into the Smart Home infrastructure, with their new special features and advanced capabilities unlocking a whole new set of opportunities to be explored from both stakeholders.