Robot assistant for mild cognitive impairment patients and caregivers

OZZIE will deliver the first really commercial assistive robot that will facilitate the everyday life and wellbeing of seniors suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), through assistance provision in the tasks of:

  • medication intake and nutritional activities,
  • monitoring and reporting seniors’ health status
  • remote communication of older persons and patients with relatives and friends.

This solution will ease the financial burden of social and healthcare systems in our ageing societies.

Team Members

Dimitris Tzobaras

Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras
R&D-Business Management

Dimitris Giakoumis

Dr. Dimitrios Giakoumis
Technical Development

Giannis Kostavelis

Dr. Ioannis Kostavelis
Technical Development

Existing Solution

1st Cycle of Development

Proof-of-concept hardware
Alpha-version of software
Smart Dimmer

2nd Cycle of Development

1st robot prototype
Beta-version of software
Smart Dimmer

Demo: Medication Intake Scenario